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Adult specimens: singletons or complete caughts of Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae (quality not important) from South-, East-, and Southeast-Asia, New Guinea and adjacent islands, and Australia for scientific studies. Requirements: specimens should be safely packed in envelopes, fully collecting data attached, body covered with tissue to avoid oiling.
Preimaginals: empty cocoons, pupae and/or part of larvae, as well as preserved larvae.
Parasites: all species of parasites hatched from imported or wild collected cocoons. Data on host and collecting area required.
Life stock: Eggs, 1st instar larvae, cocoons/pupae of taxa not yet reared by us.
Data: Various data on Indonesian Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae (e.g., food plants, geographical and altitudinal distributions, parasites etc.), which might be useful for publications at a later date.

Further details and electronic pictures on request to e-mail: ulrich.paukstadt@gmx.de

Exchange of preserved specimens and life stock with common and rare Saturniidae and Brahmaeidae from Southeast Asia wellcome. Your offers are highly wellcome.
This list is frequently updated. Please do not hesitate to contact us. On request further details and digital pictures of mounted specimens are available by electronic mail.

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